495 HP %406%2C200 RPM%2F 473 LB-FT TORQUE %405%2C000 RPM
price: $8,459
part number: 19419864
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    The hot cam adds heat to the LS3 Our engineers never stop tinkering. When they took a production LS3 6.2L %28376 cubic inches%29 engine and swapped the stock camshaft for the racing-inspired LS Hot Cam%2C the result was a stunning 495 horsepower and 473 lb-ft of torque. We wasted no time in adding that terrific combination %96 dubbed LS376%2F480 %96 to our crate engine portfolio. The key to the power boost is the Hot Cam%92s 0.525-inch lift on both the intake and exhaust sides%2C along with 219-degree%2F228-degree duration specs. That%92s less lift on the intake side than the stock LS3 cam%2C but considerably more duration%2C allowing the valves to stay open a little longer to draw in more air from the rectangular-port L92-style heads. Use the LS376%2F480 with a controller kit%2C which includes a special pedal for use with the engine%92s electronically controlled throttle.

    Part Number%3A 19301358%0D%0AEngine Type%3A LS-Series Gen IV Small-Block V-8%0D%0ADisplacement %28cu in%29%3A 376 cu in %286.2L%29%0D%0ABore x Stroke %28in%29%3A 4.065 x 3.622 %28103.25 x 92mm%29%0D%0ABlock%3A Cast-aluminum with 6-bolt%2C cross-bolted main caps%0D%0ACrankshaft%3A Nodular iron%0D%0AConnecting Rods%3A Powdered metal%0D%0APistons%3A Hypereutectic aluminum%0D%0ACamshaft Type%3A Hydraulic roller%0D%0AValve Lift %28in%29%3A .525 intake %2F .525 exhaust%0D%0ACamshaft Duration %28%40.050 in%29%3A 219%B0 intake %2F 228%B0 exhaust%0D%0ACylinder Heads%3A Aluminum L92-style port%3B as cast with 68cc chambers%0D%0AValve Size %28in%29%3A 2.165 intake%2F 1.590 exhaust%0D%0ACompression Ratio%3A 10.7%3A1%0D%0ARocker Arms%3A Investment-cast%2C roller trunnion%0D%0ARocker Arms%3A Investment-cast%2C roller trunnion%0D%0ARocker Arm Ratio%3A 1.7%3A1%0D%0ARecommended Fuel%3A Premium pump%0D%0AMaximum Recommended rpm%3A 6%2C600%0D%0AReluctor Wheel%3A 58x%0D%0ABalanced%3A Internal

    %95 Assembly does not include any electronics%0D%0A%95 Use LS376%2F480 Controller Kit for engine operation. Kit includes electronic throttle pedal%2C which is required for throttle input to the ECU%0D%0A%95 Includes Chevy SS wet sump oil pan%0D%0A%95 Intended for pre-1976 street vehicles or any off-road vehicle%0D%0A%95 Not intended for marine applications%0D%0A%95 Front-End Accessory Drive Kits are available in two configurations.

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