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350/290HP Crate

part number: 19355658

350/290 Deluxe

part number: 19355659

CT350 350

part number: 88869602


part number: 19417576

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About Vickar Performance Parts in Winnipeg Manitoba

Vickar Community Chevrolet has been in business for over 47 years, and in that time we’ve been the frontrunner of Performance Parts in Winnipeg! Fuelling the passion of automotive enthusiasts all over the province and beyond, we strive to make every custom piece we do exactly what you’re looking for.

Make a statement with Chevrolet Performance factory-engineered upgrades and accessories. For peace of mind, Chevrolet Performance parts and accessories are designed, engineered, tested and backed by Chevrolet. And most of our production-based parts won’t affect your Chevrolet’s new-vehicle warranty when they’re installed by your dealer.

Whether you’re looking for crate engines, heavy duty transmissions, or other performance items, we can help make your dream a reality. Take a look around and find the parts of your dreams, and let us take care of the rest.